There are four main types of drug related offences. The three main classes of illegal drugs are Class A (eg Heroin, Ecstacy, Cocaine), Class B (eg Cannabis, amphetamine) and Class C (eg anabolic steroids). Class A offences are the more serious and carry the more severe sentences.

There are four types of drug related offence that are commonly before the court:

  • Possession
  • Cultivation
  • Being Concerned in the Supply of illegal drugs &
  • Possession With Intent to Supply illegal drugs (PWITS).

Straight forward possession is at is states. Maximum sentences for this offence are 6 months in the Magistrates Court and & years in the Crown court for Class A. If you are convicted of selling Class A drugs there is a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Many drugs offences, especially where cultivation or selling is concerned, are sentenced heavily by the Crown Court. The courts quite often pass what are known as “deterrent sentences” to hopefully deter people from selling drugs due to the well-known misery and devastation being an addict can cause not only to the individual addict but quite often the addict’s family and friends.