Our wealth of experience has taught us that no two cases are ever the same and we are happy to discuss fees with clients on a case by case basis by contacting us by telephone, email or in person.


Our Motto in representing any client is "fail to prepare and you can prepare to fail".

We will give 100% effort in every case we take on. We succeed by our reputation.


Who are we?

We are specialists in motoring offences and road traffic law. We are able to use our legal expertise and experience to defend you if you face a criminal prosecution arising from the day to day use of your motor vehicle or if you are a professional driver.

We understand the importance of protecting your license and the impact which a prosecution may have upon you and your family, and pride ourselves in the results we achieve and on which we are happy to be judged.

In all cases we provide a personal and professional service throughout your case. Your case will be dealt with by the same specialist solicitor from start to finish, ensuring a high quality service and the best possible outcome.

The cost of professional legal representation should always be considered and balanced against both the financial and personal costs of a motoring conviction. With this in mind we believe in cost certainty and where possible will provide our services at a competitive fixed fee.

It is our business to protect our clients from unjust fines, penalty points and disqualification from driving at an affordable cost. It is our aim to provide a premium service which is available and affordable to all.

If you require advice on any motoring related matter, we will provide an initial telephone consultation, during which we will give a provisional assessment of your case and our fee. It is for you to decide having spoken to us, whether you want us to represent you!


How Do We Protect You?

Using our expertise and experience of road traffic legislation, rules of evidence and court procedure, we will undertake a detailed review of your case to investigate whether you have a defence to the matter alleged. Depending on the type of offence for which you are prosecuted, defences can range from a straight forward factual denial e.g. "I was not speeding", to technical defences challenging the prosecution case e.g. a speed detection device was not properly operated. Whatever the potential for defending your case you can be sure that if there is a defence we will find it for you and present a strong case before the court. Whilst we can never guarantee the outcome, we give you the best opportunity to avoid conviction and pride ourselves on our results.

Where a defence does not exist, we will do our best to reduce any penalty which will be imposed upon conviction. This will include presenting mitigation to the court as to why any fine and penalty points should be kept to a minimum and may in some cases include arguing "special reasons" as to why disqualification or penalty points should not be imposed. We will minimise the impact of a conviction on you and protect your driving license.

In some cases involving speeding or careless driving we may be able to make representations to the relevant police force that you should be allowed to attend a speed awareness or driver improvement course in the alternative to prosecution, avoiding both a fine and penalty points.

We apply this thorough and expert approach to all driving offences including, speeding, drink driving, using a mobile phone, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving with no insurance and any other offence upon which representation may be required.

Police Interviews under Caution

If you are suspected of having been involved in an alleged motoring offence, the Police will often wish to conduct an interview under caution. This maybe at the time of the alleged offence or at a later date, where the Police will invite you to attend for an "voluntary interview". In either scenario you are entitled to have advice from a solicitor, free of charge, and to have a solicitor present when the interview takes place. This is your legal right and costs you nothing. Our criminal team are available 24/7 to deal with such matters. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our emergency contact number is 01606 866823.

Our Services

We can provide representation and a level of service to suit the needs of any motorist facing a motoring prosecution. We believe in tailoring our services to your needs and securing the best possible outcome for you.

To discuss how we can help you telephone us or submit a request for a call back and we will provide you with an initial consultation.



Times differ between Courts and are generally governed by how busy a particular Court is. Courts attempt to list and finalise cases as soon as reasonably practicable. In our local area, you can expect a case to be finalised on the first date that a case is listed in Court, if the case is to proceed by way of a guilty plea. This is normally within 4 – 6 weeks of a Summons being issued. If a case is listed for trial or for a submission of "exceptional hardship" or "special reasons", you can expect the case to be listed and finalised within 12 – 16 weeks.

Our Fees

We believe in certainty and transparency in determining our fees. At the outset of your case we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of our fees. There will be no hidden costs.

Where possible, we operate a fixed fee system and will agree the fee with you in advance of your case. This provides you with certainty that your case will not cost you anymore than agreed and allows us to concentrate upon the task of obtaining a successful outcome on your behalf.

Our fee options provide access to specialist legal advice suitable to all budgets and the level of representation required. If you wish to discuss our fees in more detail please contact us for a no obligation estimate. See below for details of our Fixed Fee and Fee charges.

For your convenience you can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit or credit card.


Recovering Your Costs

When we successfully defend your case before the court we will seek to recover your costs by way of a defendant's costs order. A defendant's costs order should be awarded unless there are clear reasons for not doing so and will usually mean that we recover all of or a significant proportion of your costs. After all, why should you bear the cost of proving your innocence?


Credit Card Payments

For your convenience we do accept both Visa and Mastercard Credit Card payments.


Time To Pay

We appreciate that the cost of legal representation is not always affordable, but believe that everyone should have access to high quality legal representation and justice. If you have difficulties paying our fees in one instalment, please speak to us about staged payments.

For a free consultation, telephone us or submit a request for a call back and we will provide you with a provisional assessment of your case.


Our Promise To You

When advising you on the appropriate course of action to adopt in your case, we will always advise you on the cost implications of any decision. We will never advise you to challenge a prosecution case and incur the costs involved unless we are confident that we can successfully defend your case. If we believe it to be more cost effective to negotiate with the prosecution or to plead guilty we will advise you of this. In some cases it may be our simple advice that you do not require legal representation!