Our Fees*:

Pre Summons Advice

This includes advice on S172 Notices (notice of intended Prosecution), HORT (producers) etc. This could avoid a Summons being issued.


Single Justice Procedure

This would take the form of responding on your behalf to the Single Justice Procedure incorporating your driving and other required details and a statement in mitigation on your behalf and submitting the completed document to the Court.


Written Mitigation to the Court

This would take the form of a carefully worded letter to go before the magistrates to putting all relevant points forward on your behalf to obtain a more lenient sentence (smaller fine and less points)


Personal Representation at Court – Mitigation

One of our specialist lawyers would attend court and speak on your behalf in court. This removes the stress of having to speak in court and ensures that all the relevant points are addressed to the magistrates who determine your sentence. This could result in a more lenient sentence.

from £300.00

Written Representations –Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons

Successful representations to the magistrates could well result in a disqualification being avoided even though you have exceeded 12 points or the magistrates are considering a disqualification for the offence itself.


Personal Representation – Exceptional Hardship/Special Reasons

A successful argument put forward by one of our specialist lawyers could result in you keeping your licence even though you have exceeded 12 points and /or the magistrates are considering a disqualification for the offence itself.

 from £500.00

Application to remove a Driving Disqualification Early

You can apply after a certain period of time to the magistrates for the return of your licence before your period of disqualification has elapsed.

from £500.00

Trials/Contested Hearings

We will fully prepare your case to trial, including the gathering of witness statements and evidence on your behalf and making detailed representations to the Crown Prosecution Service. In many cases it may be possible to persuade the prosecution to withdraw the case against you without the need for a trial. We will represent you before the court at trial and ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome.

Due to the uncertainty as to the complexity of each case we would provide you with an estimate of the likely costs or work on an hourly rate basis.

from £600.00

Taxi / Hackney Carriage Appeals

We can appear on your behalf before the Licencing Committee if your licence has been refused or revoked and also represent you on appeal before the Magistrates Court.

from £500.00


* All the above are exclusive of VAT (20 %) and disbursements such as experts fees.

In addition, the fees quoted apply to representation before all magistrates courts in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire. Where travel is required to courts outside of those referred to additional costs and disbursements may be levied to cover the additional costs and travel time that will be incurred to attend other courts