Being accused of, cautioned for or convicted of a sexual offence can have very wide ranging effects not only on the individual, but also their family. This is especially so when the accusation is untrue. A caution or conviction for a sexual offence can affect your future employability. Nowadays most employers will complete a CRB check. If you have been cautioned for or convicted of, even a minor offence, this will be revealed by a CRB check. It can prevent you from working with children and vulnerable people.

There is also the requirement to notify the police where you are living. A failure to do so can result in prosecution and imprisonment.

There is also the requirement of a court to make a person subject to a Sex Offenders Prevention Order (SOPO). This order will place restrictions on a person’s liberty, such as denying or restricting access to the internet, Restricting movements around libraries and schools and exclusion zones to name but a few.

[We set out to properly advise and represent clients. If someone has been wrongly accused then we have the expertise to provide a robust defence to the allegations. If a person admits wrong doing we are able to provide the best representation before the court to ensure that the best result for the client is obtained]

In this ever increasingly politically correct world in which we live, what ten years ago may have been deemed a bit of fun can now be an offence with serious consequences.

Sexual offences include – rape, sexual assault, unlawful sexual intercourse (USI), internet offences such as possessing indecent images, making indecent images.