The majority of violent offences have been referred to under the Assault and Public Order sections [link].

We would like to make reference at the juncture to Domestic Violence. Domestic violence has over the past number of years been subject to a “zero tolerance” approach by the police, CPS and the courts.

Quite often a partner will call the police to a domestic related argument simply to have their partner removed from the premises to calm a situation down. The situation can then escalate whereby the removed partner is arrested, charged with an offence and then bailed with conditions to stay away from the family home. The bail conditions can then remain in place for weeks or months until the case has concluded.

We can assist the detained person initially at the police station by providing advice to the detainee as to how to conduct the police interview, which can be the most important part of the defence of a case.

If charged with an offence we can make representations to the police and later to the court to have unfair or onerous conditions removed.

We will provide the best possible representation to the client be it by way of representation at trial or by putting forward a plea in mitigation if the client is found guilty or pleads guilty.