Divorce or dissolution of partnership is the legal process by which the marriage or civil partnership is brought to an end. The court has to be satisfied that the marriage or civil partnership has irretrievably broken down. This is proved by the Petitioner demonstrating to the court’s satisfaction the existence of one of the following Facts: the Respondent’s adultery, unreasonable behaviour or desertion, or two years’ separation with the Respondent’s consent or five years’ separation.

If you decide to start divorce proceedings yourself, you will be known as the Petitioner. If you are answering the other party's petition, you will be known as the Respondent. Legal Aid may still be available for you depending on your individual circumstasnces, although since April 2013 the availability of Legal Aid has been considerably restricted by the government's spending cuts. Alternatively, we offer fixed fee packages for both Petitioners and Respondents.