Financial Remedies Stage 1 – Advice where Agreement has Already been Reached


Stage 1 aims to assist you if you have already exchanged financial information and reached agreement, with or without attending mediation.


What we will do for you


  • Provide you with detailed advice about the agreement reached
  • If there are divorce proceedings, draft or approve a consent order and statement of information form and manage the process of submitting the documents to the court for final approval. If there is no divorce, draft or approve a separation agreement.


What is not covered in Stage 1


  • Any work or advice on divorce, children or domestic violence issues
  • Any conveyancing work necessary to implement an agreement
  • Court fees (currently £45)
  • Any other professional fees that may need to be incurred such as valuation of property or pensions or barristers’ fees.


What will it cost?


The fixed price for Stage 1 is £400 + vat.


An initial deposit of £200 + vat is required.


The balance is payable, together with any court fee, at the point the draft order is ready to be submitted to the court or the separation agreement is ready to be signed.