Financial Remedies Stage 5 – Final Hearing


If your case has not settled at Stage 4, a final hearing will be needed at which the judge will hear evidence and give judgment.


What we will do for you


  • Update the documentation and draft any statements the court has ordered to be submitted by you/your witnesses
  • Correspond with your spouse or their solicitors
  • Continue to assist you in any negotiations to try and settle your case before the hearing and if agreement is reached, prepare a draft consent order for the judge’s approval
  • If you are the applicant, prepare the bundle of documents for the hearing and if you are the respondent, approve those documents
  • Advise you on the formulation of your open proposals, submit them to the court and exchange with your spouse or their solicitor
  • Liaise with you in selecting a barrister to represent you at the hearing and prepare a brief to counsel.


What is not covered in Stage 5


  • Any work or advice on divorce, children or domestic violence.
  • Any conveyancing work necessary to implement an agreement or judgment.
  • Any other professional’s fees, including your barrister’s fees.
  • Any maintenance peding suit of financial injunction applications.


What are the costs?


The fixed price for Stage 5 is £1,200 + vat. This fee is reduced to £1,000 + vat if you instructed us for Stage 4.

Payment is required in full at the start of Stage 5.

The fee for your barrister is required 6 weeks before the hearing.