Are you a parent or step parent who needs parental responsibility?  We can advise you about parental responsibility, whether you have it, what it means and how you can get it.  If everyone that has parental responsibility is in agreement, we can help you make a Parental Responsibility Agreement and register it.  If this isn’t possible, we can advise you about an application to the court to obtain a Parental Responsibility Order and represent you within the court proceedings.  Our Parental Responsibility Agreement service covers:-


            a)         advice on parental responsibility and how you can get it

            b)         preparation of your agreement

            c)         advice on having your agreement witnessed

            d)         corresponding with the court and anybody else with parental responsibility

            e)         registering the agreement


Our service is available if everything is agreed between you and there is no need for further negotiations.  If matters are not agreed and negotiations are required, please see our information on “residence, contact and parental responsibility” fixed fees.


What are the costs?


A standard fixed fee of £100.00 plus VAT (£120.00) payable at your appointment.