Even if you have decided to marry or register a civil partnership, you may wish to create an agreement about how you would resolve matters in the event of divorce or dissolution.  You can do this by entering into a Pre-Nuptial or Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement.  This can be particularly relevant to couples who are older and who may be bringing into the marriage or civil partnership money or property that they have acquired independently; there may also be children from earlier relationships who you will wish to ensure benefit in due course from your financial endeavours, in addition to your new spouse or civil partner.

A Pre-Nuptial Agreement is a contract that is drawn up before your wedding.  A similar contract can be entered into during your marriage and is called a Post-Nuptial Agreement.  You can include a wide range of matters in the Agreement but it usually contains provisions for division of property and other assets and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakdown of marriage or civil partnership.

As with Living Together Agreements, Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements are not binding on the Courts but provided both parties have created the Agreement freely and voluntarily, in full knowledge of each other’s financial and other circumstances and after each taking independent legal advice then the Court would consider the Agreement as important evidence of your mutual intentions.

Provided that there are no very substantial or overseas assets involved and you and your partner agree on the content, we can prepare a Pre or Post-Nuptial Agreement for you at a Fixed Fee of £350.00 plus vat.  If your situation is more complicated, then please contact us for a discussion and quotation.