Summary of Fixed Fees Package

To offer you certainty about your costs and to help you budget accordingly, we offer various Fixed Fee Packages for progressing and resolving arrangements for children.  This usually happens due to the separation of their Mum and Dad but may involve other adults, for example grandparents or other extended family members.  You may choose to instruct us from start to finish by purchasing a series of Packages or instruct us simply for one or more of the Fixed Fee Stages listed below.  The Children Fixed Fee Packages are available to you if:

  • Your present household has a gross income of less than £35,000 a year and capital of less than £5,000 excluding the equity in your hom

If you have assets or income above these levels or the type of case you are concerned in is not listed, we may still be able to offer you a tailored fixed fee.  Please talk to one of our family team about this.

There are 5 fixed fee Stages which are summarised below.

We will always, when appropriate, advise the use of mediation


Stage 1: Advice where agreement has already been reached.
Stage 2: Advice and negotiations.
Stage 3: From the issue of the court application to the Children’s Dispute Resolution hearing.
Stage 4: From the Children’s Dispute Resolution hearing to the Issues Resolution hearing.
Stage 5: Contested hearing.