Children Stage  2 – Advice and Negotiations


Stage 2 aims to help you come to an agreement with the other adult(s) about the arrangements for the children.


What we will do for you


  • Advise you about the realistic options for residence and contact, about parental responsibility and the appropriateness of making court applications for these and/or other orders
  • Correspond with the other adult(s) or their solicitor about the relevant issues and concerns and endeavour to negotiate an agreement that is acceptable to the adults and in the best interests of the children
  • We will always, when appropriate, advise the use of mediation and make the referral.


What is not covered in Stage 2


  • Any work or advice on divorce, finances or domestic violence.
  • Any court proceedings
  • Any international elements
  • Care proceedings, child abduction or enforcement of existing court orders
  • Any other professional’s fees.
  • If there is no agreement after 4 months, we reserve the right to terminate Stage 2 at that point.


What will it cost?


The fixed price for Stage 2 is £550 + vat.

An initial deposit of £350 + vat is required.

The final payment of £200 + vat is required when agreement is reached and recorded in writing either by us or by the mediation service or at the point negotiations end without an agreement.