Children Stage 4- After the Children’s Dispute Resolution Hearing to the Issues Resolution Hearing (IRH)


If agreement is not reached at Stage 3, the court will make directions to be complied with and will list your case for a further hearing which may be an interim contested hearing, a fact finding hearing or an Issues Resolution hearing.  The IRH is the last opportunity to try and agree the terms of a consent order before the final hearing and a proportion of cases do settle at this Stage.  If no agreement is reached the judge may make some additional directions to be complied with in preparation for the final hearing.


What we will do for you


  • Prepare your written statement and statements for your witnesses
  • Prepare or approve letters of instruction to experts for reports and liaise with any experts instructed
  • Apply for police/medical or other records as directed by the court
  • Correspond with the other party or their solicitors
  • We will advise you about any proposals we consider it would be in your interests to put forward and on any proposals received from the other party
  • We will represent you at the IRH in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford or Crewe courts
  • If agreement is reached at the hearing, we will prepare or approve a consent order or other appropriate recording of the terms of the agreement
  • If not agreement is reached, we will advise you about any directions required by the court to be complied with in readiness for a final contested hearing.

What is not covered in Stage 4


  • Any work or advice about finances, divorce or domestic violence
  • Any international elements
  • Care proceedings, child abduction or enforcement of existing court orders
  • The fees of any other professionals or experts, contact centre fees, fees for obtaining records, or barrister/solicitor agent’s fees for an IRH hearing other than in Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford or Crewe
  • Any work to comply with the court’s further directions
  • Any Interim contested hearing
  • Any Fact finding hearing

If you wish, we can continue to represent you in connection with any excluded work and provide a separate quotation.


What are the Costs?


The fixed price for Stage 4 is £1,500 + vat.

An initial deposit of £1,000 is required at the start of Stage 4.

The fees of any other professionals or experts and/or for obtaining records or other similar expenses are payable 21 days before they are instructed/the fees are incurred.

The balance is payable 21 days before the IRH.